OnviSource Human Resources Executive

Sherry Pippin

Vice President,

Human Resources & Administration

Sherry Pippin, in addition to overseeing OnviSource's HR and administration functions, is responsible for company's Competency Management Program; as well as company's Value System initiatives and compliance. In her role as the champion for company's CMP, Ms. Pippin works with all organizations and develops company's human capital requirements, staffing, training and continuous Performance Improvement Programs comprised of employee well-being and career development initiatives. She is also responsible for working with all managers and employees and establishing and maintaining OnviSource's Value System through training, assessment and improvement programs.

Ms. Pippin joined the companies that were later acquired by OnviSource and during their early growth stages in 1988. She has over 20 years of experience in employee programs and benefits, HR management, employer regulatory compliance and office management with various companies in manufacturing, software and telecom industries. Prior to OnviSource, Ms. Pippin managed human resources and administration offices for Ag Chem, Inc. and F. H. Stolze Manufacturing Company.

Sherry studied management and business administration at Brown Mackie Business College, Marymount College and Western Montana College.