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eBook for the Teleservices Industry

Forward-Thinking Solutions and a New Initiative to Unify the Teleservices Industry are featured in our eBook. 

Recap from the OnviSource Equipment Owners Association 2022 Annual Meeting

Our new eBook features detailed information about a new initiative called UniverSum Teleservice, an industry-wide ecosystem of unified solutions combined with knowledge programs, best practices and training - all provided by a consortium of partners consisting of the industry’s service providers, vendors and user associations to improve business success for all.


In addition, you will learn more about Intellecta TeleServ, our cloud solution for AI-driven automated quality assurance (QA), agent performance improvement and client satisfaction with operational compatibility across systems from multiple TAS vendors. We have also included a customer use case and testimonial.


Content in this eBook was adapted from materials and presentations shared with participants at the recent OnviSource Equipment Owners Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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