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Automated Quality Assurance Software & Cloud Solutions

AQA for Teleservices and the Telephone Answering Service industry to drive agent performance and client satisfaction.

AQA is offered as a cloud service with low monthly fees and no cost for hardware, software or annual maintenance.

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Automated Quality Assurance Can Score Agent Performance for You!

AQA analyzes, scores and manages quality assurance, agent performance and client satisfaction for 100% of interactions with minimal human effort.

  • Perform QA for all interactions as compared to manual and random sampling.

  • Evaluate and score performance and measure agent's hard and soft skills.

  • Quickly pinpoint areas for training and improvement for low performing agents.

  • Easily recognize and reward top performers to keep them on a path of high performance.

  • Successfully manage remote agents' performance and compliance.

Automated Quality Assurance Features

AQA Webinar on Demand

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