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Press Release

OnviSource Partners with Voicegain for Speech Recognition Based on Deep Learning Technologies and the Edge Architecture Powered by NVIDIA GPUs


October 26, 2021


OnviSource, a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions for workforce optimization, contact center operation analytics and automation, customer experience management, and business process automation, announced today a strategic partnership with Voicegain, an innovative Speech-to-Text/ASR company. OnviSource has integrated Voicegain’s deep learning-based speech-to-text platform into its Intellecta™ multichannel analytics solution which utilizes speech-to-text and natural language understanding to analyze customer interactions and audio-based content to discover actionable knowledge and extract business insights. 

OnviSource will leverage the Voicegain platform to serve its growing enterprise client base from various industries such as nationwide wireless service providers, banking, financial services, utilities, insurance and others.

“We are pleased to announce this partnership with Voicegain as their AI-driven ASR further augments our AI-driven intelligent automation solutions and our hyper-automation platform that offers integrated AI, conversational AI, RPA, BPA and analytics,” said Ray Naeini, Chairman and CEO of OnviSource. “Our partnership will allow both companies to jointly develop highly sophisticated and customized AI models for various applications and industries in order to deliver unmatched accuracy and performance.”

To achieve high performance, OnviSource deployed the Voicegain ASR Engine on servers with NVIDIA GPUs in its data center. This architecture is referred to as an Edge deployment. While Voicegain also offers a multi-tenant cloud solution, an Edge deployment architecture has two important benefits for OnviSource. 

The first major benefit is that it allows OnviSource to meet strict customer contractual commitments related to data privacy, security and control. The second benefit is that it delivers approximately a 75% reduction in costs for OnviSource compared to usage-based pricing models provided by other providers, empowering OnviSource to offer its feature-rich solutions at highly affordable and flexible prices.

“We are excited to be selected by OnviSource for its call center and enterprise speech analytics products. This decision validates the ‘3As’ on which Voicegain differentiates itself in the ASR market – Accuracy, Affordability and Accessibility,” said Arun Santhebennur, Co-founder & CEO of Voicegain. “Our joint product enhancements will deliver highly accurate Speech-to-Text models for complex business applications.”

Selection of the Voicegain product by OnviSource was based on comprehensive trials and pilot programs related to accuracy, performance and applicability of Voicegain’s product, combined with detailed comparative analysis with other products in the market.

Additionally, the Voicegain product offers simplicity in deployment and usage as the entire platform is deployed on a Kubernetes cluster. Its Edge deployment offers a simple script to download and deploy all the packages and dependencies on any server with NVIDIA GPUs.

About Voicegain
Voicegain is a deep neural network-based Speech-to-Text platform that is focused on developers of voice applications. Voicegain offers a full suite of APIs, SDKs and SaaS apps on top of its platform to automate and analyze voice-based interactions in contact centers, sales and meetings. To learn more, visit or create a free account to get started. 

About OnviSource
For more than a decade, OnviSource has enabled several hundred small-to-large companies across a broad range of industries to cost-effectively manage, automate and improve their customer experience and business processes by offering advanced solutions in multichannel data and media capture, unification, analysis, decision making and automation for their entire enterprise, including their contact centers, back offices and IT organizations. 

OnviSource ia.Enterprise Intelligently Automated (IA) solutions offer Workforce Optimization and Workforce Management (WFO/WFM), inclusive Teleservice Customer Engagement Management, Multichannel Customer Engagement Analytics, intelligently automated Customer Survey, Process Automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA). The Company delivers its solutions as software products, cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), managed services, or any combination. OnviSource’s special Advantage Platinum program assures that solutions work for customers’ specific needs by offering a series of customer assistance programs with no obligations. These programs include consultation, proof-of-concept and hands-on operation assistance. OnviSource is headquartered in Plano, Texas (North Dallas area), with an additional operation center in Oklahoma. 

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