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Press Release

OnviSource Announces Partnership with WFMSG Integrating Workforce Management Solution into its Enterprise-Wide Software Solutions

Affordable, Feature Rich and Easy to Use WFMSG Enhances OnviSource's Enterprise Optimization, Automation and Unification Solutions

September 20, 2016

OnviSource, Inc., a leading provider of workforce optimization and customer experience management (CXM) solutions, recently announced a new partnership with WFMSG, Inc., integrating with and utilizing their Community™ workforce management for OnviSource's Persona™ front and back office workforce management (WFM) solution.

WFMSG has extensive experience in the workforce management industry which led to the development of their Community WFM solution, a new generation solution meeting and exceeding the expectations of modern enterprise workforce managers while avoiding the higher costs and other challenges of cumbersome legacy WFM solutions.

In addition to all critical capabilities expected from an advanced WFM, Community's well-integrated and feature-rich portals, combined with its ease of use, empower and engage all personnel for an optimal and unified performance, truly delivering the sense of "community" and "collaboration" to agents, back office employees, managers, analysts and administrators. It is highly dynamic in real-time capturing of variances and intraday changes against the set schedules and events, automatically optimizing the schedules and resources, broadcasting the changes to all affected personnel, and providing management with insightful and impactful analysis.

"Similar to all of our next-gen solutions that are offered to transform today's enterprises to their next generation of performance, we have been searching for a WFM product that, when integrated with our solutions, can cost effectively address the needs of the next generation management of workforce," said Ray Naeini, Chairman and CEO of OnviSource. "We are pleased to announce our new partnership with WFMSG in fulfilling our unique objective in offering affordable workforce management solutions, with the capabilities required to meet the needs of today's complex management of employee schedules, payroll expenses and customer satisfaction."

Under the OnviSource brand, Persona workforce management, Community will be fully integrated with OnviSource's multichannel recording, analytics, QA, and Customer Experience Management solutions. Persona, therefore, will be able to utilize the real time and the actionable knowledge provided by OnviSource's multichannel analytics and quality assurance (QA), deliver a new generation of WFM, and significantly improve the management of workforce, payroll expenses, workload and customer satisfaction.

"WFMSG is very pleased that OnviSource has selected our Community workforce management as their solution of choice for their existing and future clients. We expect the powerful combination of OnviSource technologies and services, now enhanced by the Community platform, will accelerate success for both organizations through offering the next generation WFM," said Daryl A. Gonos, CEO and Co-founder of WFMSG. 

Since the time of this press release, WFMSG has become Community WFM.

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