Ray Naeini

Chairman & CEO

Ray Naeini is Chairman and CEO of OnviSource, responsible for the company's vision, strategic directions and managing all aspects of the company. Ray has over 28 years of experience in telecom, call center and software industries serving public, private and venture-backed companies as Chairman, CEO, President or Senior Executive. Ray has successfully developed and grown telecom and software businesses on a global basis by creating, marketing and delivering innovative technologies and solutions such as wireless prepaid products, managed services, enterprise software applications, multimedia messaging, intelligent network platforms, contact center software products, and comprehensive and advanced analytics and customer experience management solutions.

Ray is also Chairman and CEO of Omvix Group (an Investment and Business Management Company with investments in OnviSource and other business entities) and a Board Member and an Investor in VoiceAcuity Corporation (a voice intelligence and analytics software company). Ray has held several other board member and chairman positions in the past, including serving as an Executive Board Member with Southern Methodist University (SMU) School of Engineering in Dallas, Texas, and Chairman of the Board of Directors with Davacord, Inc.

Prior to OnviSource, Ray served as President of InterVoice-Brite NSD (a $250MM public and global telecom and enterprise application provider), as the CEO and President of Nexidia, Inc. (a private company offering speech analytics software solutions to call center and government intelligence markets), and as President of Intellicall, Inc. (an $85MM public telecom company). He also co-founded a startup parallel processing Computer Company, leading to a successful IPO.


Ray has been guiding OnviSource with the vision of pioneering the industry in delivering intelligence and automation to enterprises and contact centers, offering “cost effective enterprise-wide and analytics-based solutions in customer experience management and workforce optimization, automation and unification - delivered as software products, cloud services or outsourcing (BPO) solutions”.

Ray has actively led the company to a strong, profitable and growth-oriented business entity based on a unique vision, innovation-at-all-levels, systematic business process management, emphasis on customer loyalty, a highly ethical and uncompromised value system, employee well-being and growth, and high standards of performance.