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Male and female call center agents.

Quality Assurance, Monitoring & Compliance for Recorded Voice & Data

Assess customer satisfaction, productivity of your employees, business processes and assure compliance.

Achieve High Satisfaction and Service Level Excellence 

Excella Quality Assurance (QA) works in conjunction with the OnviSource PRO™ call recording solution to evaluate calls and track Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for measuring success of individuals and programs.

  • Significantly simplify evaluation processes

  • Train to build a more profitable workforce

  • Target agent strengths and weaknesses

  • Authorized users can monitor calls in progress from any location to perform quality monitoring, quality assurance, training, or evaluations.

  • Users can monitor a specific channel or seek channels for live voice and screen activity from the desktop .

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Quality Assurance Evaluation & Performance Scoring

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Create unlimited custom evaluation templates to easily review recordings for scoring employee performance and confirming compliance criteria.

  • Assess employees' phone skills and knowledge

  • Identify performance strengths and weaknesses

  • Rules-based call selection automatically captures an unbiased, random sample of recordings

  • Schedule evaluation queues daily, weekly or monthly

  • Email evaluation results with or without the corresponding recording file

  • Quality Assurance and monitoring can be automated using Speech Analytics

Automated QA for Unbiased Scoring

Excella automatically tallies a score based on the user's target score for pass/fail criteria. Scoring values are customizable and can vary for each template.

OnviCord PRO call recording uses rules-based call selection to capture an unbiased, random sample of calls per agent. These selections are batched in the form of a search results page for scheduled evaluation by supervisors on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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