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OnviSource Unveils Nexe`llecta, A Next-Generation and Highly Advanced Analytics Solution Powered by Generative AI

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Nexe`llecta Offers Unparalleled Insights and Capabilities for Enterprises and Call Centers of All Sizes Seeking to Significantly Enhance Employee Performance, Customer Experiences and Business Productivity

October 10, 2023

OnviSource, a leading provider of Intelligent Transformation solutions with innovative AI-driven analytics and automation capabilities, announced today the release of Nexe`llecta™, its cutting-edge and new-generation analytics product infused with the transformative power of Generative AI. This breakthrough technology marks a new era in analytics, offering unparalleled insights and capabilities for enterprises and call centers requiring transformational improvements in the three most impactful areas of their business: employee performance, customer satisfaction, and business productivity. 

In an age where data is abundant, but insights are elusive, Nexe`llecta combines the prowess of its predecessor, Intellecta™, which offers highly advanced classifying AI capabilities, with the new Generative AI, advanced data mining and workflow automation capabilities. Nexe`llecta delivers an array of benefits for call centers and enterprises, including deep, correlational, composite and combinative mining, automated quality assurance, compliance management, call summary, turns in conversations, sentiment/trend/predictive/prescriptive analytics, advanced insights regarding agent performance, customer behavior, loyalty, and churn, agent coaching, interaction resolution scoring, synthetic data generation and automation of AI machine learning (ML), automated scenario testing and customer behavior simulations, and many more. 

Nexe`llecta integrates the accuracy and focused analytical power of classifying AI with the power of Generative AI to offer the best results. Combined with OnviSource’s deep understanding and experience in providing analytical solutions for a broad range of applications, Nexe`llecta is positioned to directly address a broad range of enterprise and call center challenges.

Nexe`llecta enhances customer experiences by deep mining and analyzing customer interactions through advanced sentiment analysis.  It enables businesses to understand customer emotions, preferences, and needs, ultimately enhancing customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Efficient quality assurance (QA) is also a benefit of Nexe`llecta as it automates the entire QA process, processing 100% of interactions with precision, ensuring adherence to quality standards, thereby reducing manual efforts, significantly reducing expenses, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Generative AI within Nexe`llecta meticulously analyzes interactions for seamless compliance management, providing businesses with a proactive approach to mitigate risks and ensure adherence to regulations.

Nexe`llecta also provides actionable call summaries by succinctly summarizing and condensing critical information for quick analysis and informed decision-making.

Predictive and prescriptive analytics can be performed by Nexe`llecta as it forecasts future trends and behaviors and offers recommendations, empowering businesses to make proactive decisions and optimize strategies for improved outcomes.

"Nexe`llecta revolutionizes analytics by leveraging Generative AI to drive unprecedented insights,” stated Brian Severson, Vice President of Product Management at OnviSource. “This marks a significant milestone in the industry, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of their data and make data-driven decisions that propel them toward success."

Nexe`llecta is highly scalable and customizable for all sizes of companies and applications. Its architecture is designed to scale effortlessly, adapting to evolving business needs and providing customizable features to suit unique requirements.

"Nexe`llecta is fully supported by our unique and proven Customer Success Program before, during, and after the sale to fit our solution to customers’ specific needs functionally, operationally, and financially,” said Francisca Crous-Alegria, Chief Revenue Officer at OnviSource. “Our program offers consultation and proofs-of-concept, highly affordable and flexible pricing and deployment models, product customization, and a 30-day onboarding program – all at no or with minimal fees.”

Nexe`llecta by OnviSource is now available as software licenses or SaaS. It can seamlessly overlay on its predecessor product, Intellecta, with no changes required by customers.

About OnviSource

OnviSource is a global innovator delivering intelligent transformation for contact centers and enterprises. We enable organizations to achieve excellence in the three most impactful areas of any business – workforce performance, customer loyalty, and business productivity. Our AI-driven analytics and automation solutions provide the unparalleled insights that drive business decisions for exceptional business outcomes. OnviSource’s solutions connect, unify, analyze, and automate enterprise 3rd party siloed data and processes to bring together a holistic view of the business and operation for improved customer experiences, enhanced employee performance and engagement, and increase business productivity. All tailored to fit customers’ business: functionally, operationally, financially, and emotionally.

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