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OnviSource Customer Excellence Forum Leads a Group of Contact Centers, Including Four Emerging Teleservice Providers, to Achieve Excellence with Nexe`llecta™ Multichannel Analytics and Automation

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Delivers remarkable outcomes by selecting a group of customers in a specific industry and empowering them to collectively achieve excellence using OnviSource’s AI, Automation, and Analytics Solutions.

June 4, 2024

OnviSource, a leading provider of Intelligent Transformation solutions with innovative AI-driven analytics and automation capabilities, today announced that the members of its Customer Excellence Forum for contact centers in the BPO, TAS, and teleservice industry, including the four emerging teleservice providers mentioned in this announcement, have made a strategic leap towards excellence by implementing Nexe`llecta, an advanced multichannel interaction and data analytics solution. This move has transformed operations for Call Center USA, Direct Line Tele Response, Voice Link of Columbus, and Billie Clarke’s Answering Service, significantly improving workforce performance and business productivity to deliver the best customer experiences for their clients.

The mission of OnviSource’s Customer Excellence Forum is to expand customer success using OnviSource AI, analytics, and automation solutions from individual customers to a group of customers in the same specific industry that share similar challenges in improving their workforce performance, customer satisfaction, and business productivity. OnviSource’s Customer Excellence Forum tailored Nexe`llecta as a comprehensive solution for contact centers that integrates advanced automation, analytics, and meta-analytics, powered by both Classifier AI and Generative AI and seamlessly integrates with third-party enterprise systems to provide actionable insights for greater business value.

The success of the Customer Excellence Forum for Contact Centers is a testament to Nexe'llecta 2.0's business value in enhancing agent performance and retention, boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction, increasing business productivity, and ensuring unmatched accuracy.

"Our partnership with OnviSource and the adoption of Nexe`llecta have been transformative for our call center operations," said JoAnn Fussell, CFO of Voice Link of Columbus. "We can score interactions extremely fast and more cost-effectively than our previous QA efforts. The platform's innovative features have also improved our efficiency and empowered our agents to deliver exceptional service.”

Susie Etzel, President of Billie Clarke, stated, "We believe every second of silence in a call center is an opportunity lost. It's not just about the inconvenience for the caller; it's about the impression it leaves and the potential business that slips away when communication isn't seamless. With all the actionable insights available from Nexe`llecta, we’ve  identified and mitigated unnecessary silence, optimized processes, and delivered the best service possible for our clients.”

The success stories of these four contact centers underscore Nexe'llecta's immense potential as a game-changer in the teleservice and contact center industries.

“At OnviSource, we focus on select industries as part of our Customer Excellence Forum to understand the greatest shared challenges companies are facing in that specific industry and then design tailored solutions to address their challenges and empower them to achieve excellence in the three greatest areas of impact; workforce performance, customer loyalty, and business productivity,” said OnviSource Chief Revenue Officer, Francisca Crous-Alegria.  “The achievements of these contact centers using Nexe`llecta showcase the power of our verticalized solutions and technologies to drive meaningful business value and success in today's competitive landscape."

As businesses continue to prioritize workforce performance and operational efficiency, OnviSource remains committed to innovating and delivering solutions that drive excellence and growth.

About OnviSource

OnviSource is a global innovator delivering intelligent transformation for contact centers and enterprises. We enable organizations to achieve excellence in the three most impactful areas of any business – workforce performance, customer loyalty, and business productivity. Our AI-driven analytics and automation solutions provide the unparalleled insights that drive business decisions for exceptional business outcomes. OnviSource’s solutions connect, unify, analyze, and automate enterprise 3rd party siloed data and processes to bring together a holistic view of the business and operation for improved customer experiences, enhanced employee performance and engagement, and increase business productivity. All tailored to fit customers’ business: functionally, operationally, financially, and emotionally.

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