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OnviSource and Its Parent Company, Omvix, Announce the Formation of the EMERGE Global Member Association for Excellence

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Empowering worldwide contact center, teleservice, and enterprise members to achieve transformational excellence in their three most impactful areas – workforce performance, customer satisfaction, and business productivity – through shared knowledge, best practices, and actionable insights

May 30, 2024

​OnviSource, a leading provider of Intelligent Transformation solutions with innovative AI-driven analytics and automation capabilities, announced today its strategic partnership with Telviva, a prominent South African unified communications and collaborations platform provider, to deliver a new generation of analytics-powered unified communications for contact centers and enterprises to improve workforce performance, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and strengthen business productivity.

This strategic partnership extends the capabilities of Telviva’s unified communications solution by providing access to the unparalleled insights and automation delivered through OnviSource Nexe`llecta, the Generative AI-powered interaction and data analytics and automation.

Nexe`llecta goes beyond conventional analytics solutions to deliver remarkable advantages in predictive analytics, QA and compliance management, sentiment and trend analysis, call summaries, and more. When offered  with Telviva’s leading unified business communication platform, contact centers and enterprises can obtain a holistic view of the performance of their agents, teams, and locations across all omnichannel interactions, identify trends that impact the top and bottom line of their business, and understand the full scope of their employee performance; as well as customer sentiment, loyalty, and churn risks.

“We are excited to add the advanced capabilities of OnviSource’s interaction and data analytics platform to our suite of offerings for new and existing customers,” said David Meintjes, Chief Executive Officer for Telviva. “It further enhances our vision to provide the most intelligent and end-to-end solutions to transform and optimize employee performance, customer loyalty, and business productivity.”


By analyzing Telviva’s unified communication data using AI-driven analytics and automation, organizations can gain valuable insights into trends, patterns, and sentiments across various communication channels. This information enables informed decision-making, allowing leaders to identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and optimize business strategies.

“Our partnership with Telviva and the unification of our AI-driven analytics and automation with Telviva’s advanced unified communications can yield a broad range of benefits for enhanced decision-making, improved customer experience, operational efficiency, predictive insights, cost reduction, and compliance and risk management,” noted Ray Naeini, Chairman & CEO at OnviSource. “The alignment between Telviva and OnviSource brings forward a new level of business value for customers.”

The strategic partnership between OnviSource and Telviva marks a significant milestone in the evolution of advanced analytics and unified communications solutions for contact centers and enterprises. This partnership aims to empower contact centers and enterprises with unparalleled insights and intelligence. Together, OnviSource and Telviva are paving the way for a new generation of intelligent solutions that drive tangible business value and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

About Omvix Group

Omvix Group, Inc., a Texas corporation founded in 2002, offers business capital investment and business management services to telecom and software companies facing financial and operations challenges. It successfully transforms these companies from purely innovative entrepreneurship to established and growing business entities with the potential for a substantial return on investment. 

Omvix Group, Inc. combines the power of capital investment and directly engaged business management models to complement a company's focus on innovation and technology, thereby successfully transforming the company's innovative strategies into an established business. Omvix's model differentiates from conventional venture capital and capital investment organizations by offering innovative capital investments and a strong in-house management team to ensure a successful transformation. Omvix provides such transformation through three main business channels: Omvix Enterprise Capital Management, Omvix Paradigm Business Management, and Omvix Advantage Management Consulting.

About OnviSource

OnviSource is a global innovator delivering intelligent transformation for contact centers and enterprises. We enable organizations to achieve excellence in the three most impactful areas of any business – workforce performance, customer loyalty, and business productivity. Our AI-driven analytics and automation solutions provide the unparalleled insights that drive business decisions for exceptional business outcomes. OnviSource’s solutions connect, unify, analyze, and automate enterprise 3rd party siloed data and processes to bring together a holistic view of the business and operation for improved customer experiences, enhanced employee performance and engagement, and increase business productivity. All tailored to fit customers’ business: functionally, operationally, financially, and emotionally.

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