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A Major US Wireless Service Provider Uses OnviSource Fifth Generation and AI-Driven Hyper Analytics to Improve Customer Loyalty

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Intellecta Hyper Analytics from OnviSource Utilizes a Unified Combination of Advanced Technologies in AI, Multilevel Relational Deep Mining, Robotic Process Automation and Customer Journey Analytics to Rapidly Discover Bottom-Line Actionable Knowledge and Trends Related to Customer Experience, Agent Performance and How to Improve Them

January 24, 2023

OnviSource announced today the deployment of its highly advanced and next generation analytics, called Intellecta™ Hyper Analytics, to a major U.S. wireless service provider and other customers. Intellecta Hyper Analytics is the fifth generation of Company’s multichannel and automated analytics solution offered as software licenses or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).


The wireless service provider has been using OnviSource analytics, customer survey, and automation solutions for over 10 years, and the new Intellecta Hyper Analytics will significantly enhance their success in customer experience management.


A major challenge for the service provider, common to all other enterprises, has been to quickly process and analyze an enormous amount of data and produce only what matters to know, or “bottom-line actionable knowledge” as defined by OnviSource, directly relevant to improving customer satisfaction and agent performance.


The service provider needed to promptly generate bottom-line actionable reports summarizing a) various types of calls received from customers, b) reasons for calling, c) resolutions offered to customers by agents during the calls, d) if the resolutions succeeded or failed in establishing customer satisfaction, and e) reasons for success or failure of resolutions, and whether the outcomes were related to the agents’ performance, quality of the resolutions or other factors. Actionable reporting assists the service provider in addressing a broad range of challenges such as cancellation prevention, customer service improvements, agent performance optimization, efficacy of sales and marketing campaigns, etc. It also directly addresses the needs of managers and executives who are trying to make data-driven decisions in real time but are faced with significant time and effort required to manually review and analyze a massive amount of data.

Intellecta Hyper Analytics utilizes highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning technologies combined with a new and proprietary AI method from OnviSource, called Multilevel Relational Deep Mining, to deliver bottom-line actionable reports.

“Intellecta is now called Intellecta Hyper Analytics because it holistically analyzes multichannel customer interactions, desktop transactions, customer surveys and data from customer journey touchpoints,” said Brian Severson, executive in charge of OnviSource product management. “As part of our Intelligent Transformation strategy, we try to achieve true excellence in employee performance and customer loyalty through all-inclusive analysis of customer interactions and transactions.”

Intellecta Hyper Analytics introduces new concepts in robotic automation in which it utilizes OnviSource Orchestra™ robotic process automation and business process automation solution and offers Robotic Application Automation (RAA). Users of Intellecta Hyper Analytics can utilize Intellecta’s RAA feature to create complex and customized analytics applications, called iApps, using low-code/no-code design capabilities. Intellecta RAA empowers non-engineers and citizen developers to develop complex analytical applications for their specific needs. A series of iApps deployed by OnviSource includes analytics applications such as automated quality assurance (AQA), teleservice AQA, customer retention analytics (CRA), and others.

OnviSource has maintained highly affordable prices for Intellecta Hyper Analytics to encourage and democratize AI, analytics and automation. Intellecta Hyper Analytics is supported by unique pre-and-post sale programs that include free consultation, free proof of concept, flexible price models and a free, 30-day customer onboarding program to assure the solutions fit customers’ specific needs. 

About OnviSource

OnviSource is a global innovator delivering intelligent transformation for contact centers and enterprises. We enable organizations to achieve excellence in the three most impactful areas of any business – workforce performance, customer loyalty, and business productivity. Our AI-driven analytics and automation solutions provide the unparalleled insights that drive business decisions for exceptional business outcomes. OnviSource’s solutions connect, unify, analyze, and automate enterprise 3rd party siloed data and processes to bring together a holistic view of the business and operation for improved customer experiences, enhanced employee performance and engagement, and increase business productivity. All tailored to fit customers’ business: functionally, operationally, financially, and emotionally.

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