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For a 5th Consecutive Year DMG Consulting Includes In-Depth Coverage of OnviSource Solutions in its 2018-2019 Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report 

A Thorough Evaluation of OnviSource’s ia.Enterprise™ Suite of Intelligently Automated Solutions offering Customer Experience Management and Process Automation for Enterprise Digital Transformation, is Included in DMG’s Report  


February 18, 2019


OnviSource announced today that DMG Consulting, a leading independent research and consulting firm, included OnviSource in their 2018-2019 Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report. DMG’s report analyzes leading and contending vendors providing Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions. This is the fifth consecutive year OnviSource has been selected and evaluated in the WFO report compiled by the research firm.

Inclusion in DMG’s report is a testament to the significant commitment OnviSource has put forth over the past decade to strategize and evolve its products into what is now the ia.Enterprise suite of AI-enabled and intelligently automated solutions for enterprise end-to-end customer experience management and process automation. Company’s rapid deployment of ia.Enterprise and its market acceptance are also an evidence for Company’s success in delivering value-based solutions for digital transformation strategies currently adopted and pursued by many enterprises.

“AI-enabled contact centers are the next phase for service organizations. These are operating environments where AI, machine learning, intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), robotic process automation (RPA), desktop process automation (DPA), knowledge management and more will be instrumental in helping companies improve the service experience”, said Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting LLC.

The main strategic objective of ia.Enterprise has been to align its solutions with industry’s needs and trends. Building on OnviSource established WFO products, ia.Enterprise, delivered as on-premise, SaaS or combination, provides capabilities such as multichannel analytics, AI with machine/deep learning, DPA, RPA/IPA, and IVA.

“The broad range of solutions and emerging technologies described in DMG’s 2018–2019 Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report speaks to the need for contact centers and enterprises to have a holistic view of the customer experience, in which customer interactions are captured, analyzed and automated at every touchpoint of the customer journey and at every level of the business,” said Brian Severson, Vice President of Product Management at OnviSource. “Only with these emerging technologies can an enterprise successfully implement a strategy for digital transformation to address epic changes that are taking place in this new era related to customers, employees, business management, markets and competition.”

DMG Consulting performed a comprehensive evaluation of products from several vendors, including OnviSource’s ia.Enterprise. Evaluation criteria included solution functional capabilities, high-level technical capabilities, implementation analysis, and detailed pricing analysis; as well as assessing vendor’s commitment to the market, quantifiable benefits and Return on Investment (ROI).   


Through its unique Advantage Plus program, OnviSource assures its solutions work for customers’ specific needs by offering customer assistance programs with no obligations, including consultation, proof-of-concept, and hands-on operation assistance.

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