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Press Release

OnviSource Announces OnVision™ Omnichannel and Cross-Channel Analytics Solution Transforming Workforce Optimization to Customer Experience Management and Enterprise Analytics


February 22, 2016


OnviSource announced today a new enterprise analytics solution called OnVision, which leverages its OnviCenter suite of workforce optimization (WFO) products to deliver insightful information and trend analysis related to customer interactions and experience across all channels and customer touch points.

WFO is traditionally used as an “inside-out” approach to optimize the performance of the workforce within an enterprise in order to improve customer satisfaction. Today’s market is rapidly transforming to an “outside-in” method with first capturing and analyzing 100% of customer experiences at every touch point. This determines the alignment and the optimization that is necessary to significantly improve customer satisfaction, thus resulting in customer retention, growth, new revenues and favorable branding.


The transition of WFO to this new approach, called Customer Experience Management (CXM), requires an omnichannel method to capture relevant customer experience data from every channel; including calls, emails, chats, desktop transactions, customer surveys and social media. However, capturing 100% of information from all channels can produce a massive amount of data, or Big Data.


The OnVision omnichannel and cross-channel analytics can greatly assist managing the big data. OnVision automatically analyzes the captured data from each channel and produces channel-dependent actionable knowledge. This is followed by OnVision’s cross-channel analytics delivering channel-agnostic, unified, and cohesive actionable knowledge and trends across all channels.


“OnVision consolidates and filters customer interaction data across the entire enterprise into seamless, usable and actionable data. It is the next step in the evolution of workforce optimization and big data management, providing a customer centric approach to customer loyalty and improved satisfaction,” said Ray Naeini, CEO and Chairman, OnviSource, Inc. “OnVision fulfills the need for a solution in which WFO and omnichannel analytics are unified with big data management techniques, providing a true Customer Experience Management, or the next generation WFO, in a universal view.”

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