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OnviSource Leverages the Highly Accurate Nuance Transcription Engine to Support its Multichannel and Cross-Channel Analytics 

OnviSource Integrates Nuance Transcription Engine into its Captora™ Transcription Product Utilized by OnviSource Multichannel and Cross-Channel Analytics Capabilities in Big Data Management, Data Mining and Trend Analysis

April 04, 2017

OnviSource, a leading provider of workforce optimization (WFO), workforce management (WFM) and customer experience management (CXM) solutions, has announced that after extensive evaluations it has selected and integrated the Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE) within the OnviSource speech-to-text (STT) and transcription product, called Captora™.

OnviSource offers a unique and holistic solution for customer experience management, called OnVision™. OnVision captures, unifies and analyzes all data and media from the entire customer journey, including all systems and all multichannel customer interactions. The resulting actionable knowledge and trends are then used by OnVision’s decision-making engines for automated launch of decisions and actions.

Accurate speech-to-text conversion performed by Captora is crucial to OnVision’s text analytics, responsible for big data management, data mining and trend analysis. Captora is now leveraging the power and accuracy of NTE from Nuance, a leading global provider of voice and language solutions, to quickly transform massive amounts of voice and audio into text for rapid search and indexing by OnVision’s text analytics.

“OnviSource continuously investigates and evaluates the best STT engines available from the right partners in order to power its Captora transcription product,” said Art Yri, CTO of OnviSource. “Nuance Transcription Engine was selected and integrated to power our Captora after an extensive evaluation by OnviSource and due to its speed and accuracy.”

The combination of Captora and OnviSource’s text analytics product can also provide a highly accurate speech analytics solution, or improve the accuracy of OnviSource’s phonetics-based speech analytics.

“OnviSource’s Captora is leveraging Nuance Transcription Engine in its analytics solutions to equip its clients with valuable insights into customer preferences and needs,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Enterprise. “NTE draws upon Nuance’s decades of experience in voice and language solutions to create accurate transcriptions critical to unlocking the previously unattainable data from conversational interactions.”

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