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Press Release

Intellecta™ AI-Driven and Multichannel Analytics from OnviSource Delivers Intelligently Automated Solutions for Workforce Optimization, Customer Experience Management and Enterprise Content Management  


Powered by Company’s Proprietary AI, Intellecta Analyzes 100% of Customer Interactions across Multiple Touch Points, Channels and Languages; and Offers Big Data and Content Management, Automated Quality Assurance/Compliance, and a Range of Analytics in Customer Sentiment, Intents, Trends and Behavior

February 4, 2020


OnviSource announced today Company’s continuous success in expanding the capabilities of its Intellecta Multichannel Analytics for intelligently automated analysis of 100% of customer interactions across varied channels. Advantages of Intellecta are three-fold in that organizations are realizing benefits in the areas of big data and content management, workforce optimization, and customer experience management and improvement through discovery of customer behavior, sentiment, intents and trends.

Today’s enterprises have realized that in order to effectively optimize the performance of their contact center workforce, and successfully manage and improve their customer experience, they need to capture and analyze all of their customer interactions across all channels and touch points. This is an impractical task unless solutions powered by AI, advanced multichannel analytics, and automation technologies are utilized - capabilities that are fully delivered by Intellecta, enabling organizations to transform their internal static and process-driven approach to a dynamic and data-driven model.

Intellecta is powered by iMachine, Company’s proprietary and multi-engine AI technologies offering Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) artificial intelligence. Its voice analysis technologies include speech-to-text, speaker separation/identification/authentication, and a range of voice analysis features. Intellecta also uses multiple analytics engines including phonetics, text and desktop analytics for an optimized analysis of multichannel interactions.

First, Intellecta manages and optimizes the big data generated through capturing all interactions from all channels by converting and unifying multichannel interactions to optimized text-based contents that are addressable, archivable, and optimized for storage. Its content analytics then categorizes and clusters the contents based on supervised (user-defined) or unsupervised (Named Entity Recognition, mostly mentioned, discovered topics, etc.) guidelines. It also applies user-defined compliance, such as PCI and other sensitive data protection rules, in order to manage data security compliance.

Second, Intellecta offers a range of capabilities to automate the analysis of customer interactions in multiple languages and generate actionable knowledge required to optimize the performance of contact center workforce. It processes 100% of all interactions and automates most of quality assurance and compliance management tasks, first call resolution improvements, and more. Its analytics capability can discover and notify critical events in real time and provide agents with automated coaching, guidelines and reminders.


Finally, Intellecta’s advanced analytics provide comprehensive solutions in discovering customer sentiments, intents, behavior and trends critical to managing and improving customer experience. Complex behaviors and sentiments by customers or agents can be more accurately analyzed using Intellecta’s iMachine AI engine augmented by specific training models. Results of such analysis are depicted visually to assist rapid interpretation of situations during interactions. It also delivers speaker-separated transcriptions with the option of redaction of sensitive data in both the text and the original media.


“Multichannel analytics automatically provides big data management through topical categorization and clustering of data. This includes the detection of subjects, topics and trends that are either known and defined by users or those that are unknown,” said Art Yri, OnviSource CTO. “Managing data in this way and discovering what is not already known to companies is a game changer for shaping their future branding, sales programs, processes and services.”

Intellecta is currently utilized by OnviSource customers as on-site software licenses, subscription models such as SaaS and managed services, or a combination. Company’s Intellecta SaaS is currently processing millions of minutes of recorded calls per month for a variety of enterprise applications. Intellecta can offer its own multichannel interaction capture solutions or utilize third party and existing recorded calls and contents. It’s highly affordable prices, combined with Company’s customer success programs that offer consultation, proof-of-concepts and 30-day hands-on operation assistance have made Intellecta affordable and usable by companies of all sizes.

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