Press Release


OnviSource Rolls Out ia.Enterprise, a New Generation of Intelligently Automated Solutions for Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Business Process Automation (BPA)


October 24, 2017

ia.Enterprise is Empowered by Advanced Technologies in Multichannel Analytics, AI and Decision-Making Machines, Data-Media Capture and Unification, and Process Automation    

(DALLAS, TX – October 24, 2017) OnviSource, a leading provider of solutions for workforce optimization (WFO), customer experience management (CXM) and business process automation (BPA), has announced the roll out of ia.Enterprise, a new generation of CXM and BPA integrated solutions driven by advanced intelligent automation (IA) capabilities.

ia.Enterprise solutions intelligently automate the entire customer journey including the steps before, during and
after customer engagement. ia.Enterprise capabilities offer Intelligent Automation for managing four major
segments of every customer journey:


  • Customer service routing to the right service engagement point

  • Customer service interaction and engagement with live agents, Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA), or a combination

  • Customer service processing that includes business and robotic process automation (RPA)

  • Customer service feedback; customer sentiment analysis through using multichannel analytics, trend analysis, social media mentions and surveys

“We are experiencing an emerging customer environment that is connected, mobile and demanding; challenging enterprises to better understand their customers’ demands, behavior and sentiment in order to positively manage their customers’ experience,” said Ray S. Naeini, CEO and Chairman of OnviSource. “Conventional workforce optimization solutions are no longer adequate, and enterprises need more advanced solutions that are driven by analytics, AI, IVA, RPA, IoT and mobility to intelligently automate the management of their customer experience and business processes.”

ia.Enterprise solutions use five generic steps to automatically:

  • Capture the data and media from all entities involved in customer journey and business processes

  • Organize and unify the captured big data

  • Analyze using multichannel analytics and sentiment analysis to create actionable knowledge

  • Make best decisions and learn over time

  • Launch user-defined actions

The remarkable advantage of such a generic set of capabilities is that it can intelligently automate a broad range
of enterprise and contact center functions related to both customer experience management and business
process automation.

A number of ia.Enterprise solutions have already been deployed and are currently in use by OnviSource
customers. In order to assure customers’ success and the return on investment, OnviSource supports the
deployment of ia.Enterprise solutions and the transformation of enterprises to intelligent automation through its
special customer assistance service, called Advantage Program. Advantage Program offers consultation, proof
of concepts, and tools that can easily map an enterprise’s business processes to IA solutions. ia.Enterprise solutions are delivered as on-premise software or SaaS in order to align with customers’ business requirements.