Make every employee a Top Performer

Workforce engagement and performance improvement intelligently transforms employees to excellence and customers to loyalty.

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High Performance Yields Happy Employees,
Loyal Customers & Positive Financials

Achieving top performance across all agents and employees in your contact center yields higher employee satisfaction that impacts customer experiences and transforms your business to a level of excellence.

Working with Financial Documents and Reports
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Developing high performing agents relies on capturing and analyzing large amounts of data from a broad range of sources to precisely determine performance deficiencies and take actions.

Overwhelming Data Leads to Management's Inability to Precisely Determine Performance Deficiencies

Even when deficiencies are determined, implementing actions for every agent is an overwhelming task.

Contact centers managers are overwhelmed by the task of analyzing and drawing actionable knowledge from the huge amount of data generated by multiple systems in their environment. 

UniverSum ia.Engage

Cloud or Subscription Services

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A Comprehensive Solution to Make Every Agent and Employee a Top Performer

UniverSum ia.Engage captures and analyzes the big data from every source in your contact center to create a High Performer Profile.

It then measures the performance of each agent against the profile and determines customized training for each individual.


Next, it automatically schedules and tracks coaching and training and measures the effectiveness and improvement.

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Agent Dashboard:
Personal performance and goals comparison; connection to content and notifications

Self-training and improvement with automated connections to content and proactive notifications.

Agents utilize time efficiently by focusing on high impacting actions through improvement tasks and commitments.

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Leader Dashboard:
Performance metrics; scheduled tasks  and reason for assignment 

Performance Metrics

  • Sales Conversion

  • First Call Resolution

  • Average Handle Time

  • Quality

  • Attendance/Adherence

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Understand KPI performance and ranking by associate.

Determines what, who and why to coach.


Automatically assigns and schedules tasks for leaders, including the reason for each.

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Reinforce KPI achievement (like NPS and CSAT) while making the work environment more fun and engaging.

Motivate and recognize teams based on data and game outcomes.

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UniverSum ia.Engage

Interactive and Fun Gamification to Keep Agents Engaged, Motivated and Connected

UniverSum ia.Engage offers:

  • Productivity and real-time performance visibility though an actionable dashboard

  • Coaching, learning and recognition with social sharing keeps agents engaged and connected

  • Engagement through notifications, recognition and gamification makes work more fun!

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UniverSum ia.Engage Benefits

  • Integrate and utilize data generated from sources such as CRM, ACD/IVR, quality, surveys, and voice analytics to improve employee and customer satisfaction.

  • On-board and train new hires faster while tenured agents continue a path of improvement 

  • Notifications, gamification and recognition offer fun solutions for staying engaged

  • Simplified analytics with clearly define metrics, performance trends, coaching effectiveness and task management with automated workflows 

 Technical Advantages

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Single solution delivers AI-driven performance management, coaching and training, employee engagement and recognition.

Ideal for remote work environments.

Easy access to stats and insights through a comprehensive dashboard with personalized visualization.

Integrates with all 3rd party data sources.

Scalable on-premise or SaaS solution deploys rapidly with minimal IT resources required.​


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