2019 OEO Annual Meeting

April 23rd-25th in Las Vegas, NV

A great time was had by all!

2019 OEO Annual Meeting


OEO Association attendees participated in a variety of learning sessions, product training, an OnviSource "State of Union" update, round table discussions and more. 


Fun activities and social events were also on the agenda to provide laughter, relaxation and an opportunity to see the sights of Las Vegas.

A joint session with OEO Members and OnviSource outlined operational and cost advantages of OnviCom Cloud services. 


Members presented topics addressing Billing Revenue, Disaster Recovery, the Ideal Operating Environment, and OnviGuard SMS Messaging with Third-party platforms.

OEO Member Testimonial

"What a great get together.  I’m in my office today catching up from being away. I got so much out of this OEO meeting I’m excited. What was presented by OnviSource CTO, Art Yri, is a great opportunity for increasing revenue!"

S. Ferretti,

New England in Touch

Viewing Las Vegas from inside the High Roller observation wheel.

OEO Member Testimonial

"Ideas were discussed that we as TAS owners can take back and implement. As a group we were able to discuss the pros and cons of a variety of topics. 

This is a very experienced,  knowledgeable and open group of people.  Sharing what has worked and what hasn’t helps us all strengthen our businesses and the industry as a whole.  Networking with others helps us all with the day-to-day running of our business.


I’m returning from the OEO meeting excited to try the new ideas that you have shared with me.  If previous years are any indication, implementing what I’ve learned will once again pay for going to the meeting."

N. Kotich,

Phyicians Answering Service