Multichannel Content & Interaction Analytics

Intelligently automated analysis and Quality Assurance 

for 100% of interactions across multiple channels of engagement.

Our multichannel analytics solution aggregates big data from various channels and sources for comprehensive analysis to provide actionable business intelligence from a single source for informed decision making and improvement across the enterprise. 

Multichannel analytics enables management and employees to make data-driven decisions through the automated analysis of what they expect to find and the discovery of what is unexpected from otherwise untapped multimedia data and content.

Content Management

Convert big data into speaker-separated, structured text documents. The result is data/media that is easy to access, read, distribute and it uses far less storage space.

Transcriptions and other structured documents are automatically categorized and clustered based on their topics, relevancy and patterns.

Big Data Management

Content Conversion/Unification, Storage and Retrieval Optimization

Enterprise Content Management

Classification & Topical Categorization, NER, Compliance Management



Workforce Optimization

Automate analysis of 100% of recorded voice interactions/structured data. to score performance and adherence against a QA template for fast and unbiased evaluations.


Analytics delivers automated compliance management for PCI/DSS and sensitive data. Automatically replace/redact discovered subjects in both the text and original content files.


Analysis can identify repeat calls and their root causes to help resolve call management issues. 


Analytics-Driven, Automated QA for 100% of Interactions

Automated Compliance Management

Media Content Modifications, Redaction, PCI

Automated Repeat Call Detection

FCR Improvement

100% AQA

Confirm what you expect to find but also discover what you don't know about your interactions, customers' expectations and their satisfaction with your processes and business.

Audio quality can be analyzed to detect and troubleshoot static, noise and poor connections associated with remote environments.

Multichannel analytics detects sentiment, intent, behavior and trends across speech and text interactions based on numerous indicators.

Customer Experience Management

Subject Discovery

Supervised or Unsupervised

Sentiment, Intent & Situation Discovery

Sentiment & Intent Analysis, VoC, Connection Quality, Voice Authentication/Identification

Behavior Discovery

Trend & Predictive Analysis

Multichannel Analytics for Content, Workforce Optimization & Customer Experience Management

Multichannel Analytics Solutions Overview

Common Quality Assurance Challenge & Solution

Contact centers record calls and conduct QA in order to improve their performance.  


However, they are often forced to use a small sample of calls for the purpose of QA - usually 5% to 10% of total interactions - which means they are not getting enough information to understand how agents perform overall.

Valuable business intelligence also remains untapped.

Boost QA & Maximize Resources

Automate processes using analytics-based QA to conduct 100% QA of recorded calls automatically can increase results to over 70%, instead of 5%-10% and deliver an ROI within 30 days. 


Supervisors only need to address those interactions that fall outside the service level or threshold of acceptable performance set by the contact center, maximizing their efforts for improvement, training and higher productivity.

Business intelligence can be shared across the contact center to evaluate processes and programs that can drive revenue and reduce expenses.