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Kelly Hoffman, OnviSource Vice President of Customer Solutions

Kelly Hoffman
Vice President,
Customer Solutions

As the VP of Customer Solutions, Kelly Hoffman is responsible for applying her extensive experience in AI-enabled analytics products and product marketing to assure global success of our customers using our Hyper Analytics solutions. Her mission is to utilize Voice-of-Customer (VoC) input, market research and cross-functional collaborations to fully align Company’s solutions with customers’ current and future needs; as well as to determine and apply the value enhancements of our Hyper Analytics beyond its obvious solutions.


Furthermore, and due to her unique regional background, Kelly is also responsible for regional business development across Africa, the UK, and Europe, leveraging her expertise in business strategy, product design, and marketing to drive growth and development.

Prior to joining OnviSource, Kelly founded and served as the CEO of Vocalysd, a company she built from the ground up. Her expertise and experience resulted from her tenure with Vocalysd in market research, managing developers, designing products and their engaging UX/UI are instrumental in the success of our customers using Company’s Hyper Analytics. 


Kelly’s ability to “humanize technology” is powered by her pursuit of additional academic degrees in Social Science, Psychology, and Business Management to complement her previous studies in Business. She is a highly driven individual with a passion for “innovations for better purpose.”

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