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Improving  employee performance to a standard of excellence

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Achieve your objective to improve performance and increase employee satisfaction.

Agent Work Compliance
  • AI-Driven Automated QA & Compliance Management

  • First Call Resolution & Average Time Improvement

  • Work and Process Adherence

  • Agent Teams Universal QA & Compliance Management

Agent Soft Skills Improvements
  • Behavior, Attitude, Mannerisms, Professionalism, Empathy, and Cordiality

Agent Engagement & Performance Improvement
  • Identifies agents who are active/inactive, productive/unproductive and measures them against targets and other agents or teams.

Agents Performance Augmentation
  • Using IVA, RPA, KPI Analysis

  • Real-time Coaching and Next-Best-Action

How we get you there.

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Drive Performance through Engagement and Training

Replicate top performer actions, behaviors and results for emulation across the organization with targeted, personalized performance recommendations to move low performers up.

Data-driven training, coaching and development powers faster speed to proficiency for new hires and keeps tenured associates on a path of improvement.


Trainers and team leaders are equipped to keep teams fully engaged, reducing disruption and expense.