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Desktop Analytics Software for Transaction Automation & Productivity Analysis 

Get visibility into employee productivity, workflows and desktop activity.

Rapidly identify costly system, operational and performance issues in the front and back office.

  • ​Effectively identify and monitor compliance issues in real time that could put your organization at risk.

  • Address internal demands and satisfy external requirements, including regulations that tightly control the distribution of sensitive customer information.

  • Provide visibility into the fulfillment process through alerts to see if agents and employees follow processes correctly.

Desktop Analytics for Optimizing Your Workforce, Transactions & Operations

Intellecta Desktop Analytics software scans and monitors the screen of contact center agents or back office employees.

It "looks" for subjects you define and, upon detection, it takes user-defined actions.

Optimizing Performance

  • Employee Work Compliance

  • Automated Coaching and Next-Best-Actions

  • Sales and Customer Service Improvement

Optimizing Transactions

  • Efficient Workflow Automation

  • Process and Workflow Quality Assurance

  • Transaction Quality Assurance

Optimizing Operations

  • Regulatory Compliance & Sensitive Data Management

  • First Call Resolution Improvement

  • Real-Time Critical Event Detection & Notification​

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