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Customer Experience Management-as-a-Service

Managing the Customer Experience requires an understanding of your customer interactions across multiple channels before, during and after service.  
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All-in-One Solution

Our AI-driven, cloud-based CXM solutions deliver automated multichannel data and interaction analytics for 100% of data and media to generate actionable intelligence; make decisions and launch actions; solicit customer feedback and determine sentiment.

Acquire and Use CXM-as-a-Service

with Flexible Options

  • Choose Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud-based Services. On-premise software options are also available, and you can switch between these options.

  • Scale up or down as needed

  • Pay-as-You-Use

  • Flexible price models to fit your budget

  • Free assistance in using the solution for the first 30 days

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​​Benefits of Our CXM-as-a-Service

  • First call resolution improvement and optimized handling of customer inquiries

  • Quality assurance for 100% of calls, email, chat, social media mentions and surveys

  • Effective management of compliance and adherence

  • Discovery of known and unknown subjects, topics and trends

  • Detection and understanding of customer sentiment and automatic categorization by topic

  • Understanding of customer demands, behavior and sentiment

Our platform supports and complies with the industry’s latest security measures, operating systems, user management, media players, browsers, LDAP and database products; enabling users to take advantage of emerging digital technologies and security capabilities.


It is highly scalable and supports the deployment of solutions as on-premise, SaaS/Cloud, or hybrid.

Unique Service & Support Program

Advantage Platinum is a unique service program for assisting new and existing customers in justifying and selecting the right solution, implementing it the right way, and making it work specifically for them to support their requirements with a guaranteed ROI.

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