Success Solutions

Improve Customer Satisfaction Before, During and After Service

Intelligent Virtual Agent

Self-service IVA and chatbot for convenient 24/7 service with conversational AI.

VoC Surveys, Notification/Response

Solicit customer feedback through automated surveys and deliver proactive notifications with options for customer response.

Success Solutions


Drive workflows in the front and back office and launch next-best-actions.

Intelligent Call Routing

Automatically route calls to the right site, department or agent group equipped to service inquiries on first contact.

Multichannel Analytics

Automated analysis of data and KPIs to discover customer behavior, trends and sentiment.

Improving Customer  Satisfaction

  • Intelligent Call Routing (ICR)

  • Advanced Call Recording, Screen Capture

  • Multichannel Customer Interaction Analytics

  • Customer Sentiment, Intent, Behavior and Trend Analysis

  • First Call Resolution (FCR) Improvement

  • Automated Surveys, Notifications and VoC

  • Customer Satisfaction Scoring – CES, NPS, CSAT

  • IVA - 24/7 Self-Service Using Intelligent Virtual Agent and Chatbot

  • RPA - Agent Transaction Automation

Benefits & Successful Results

  • Routing customer requests to the best source of service with no delays or transfers

  • Resolving customer requests in the first call

  • Truly understanding customer sentiment, behavior and trends to fully align service to customer demands

  • Obtaining direct and indirect feedback after service to calibrate and improve customer satisfaction

  • Automatically notifying customers of important events and analyzing the responses for the efficacy of notifications

  • Offering intelligent self-service to satisfy today’s customer demands and offload agents to focus on complex interactions

  • Automating processes to reduce service time and eliminate errors  

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