Next Generation, Automated and Secure Call Management, Monitoring & Recording

TeleMonitor utilizes advanced technologies in SaaS, automation, telephony, conferencing and security to expand beyond conventional call recording and monitoring.

With TeleMonitor, enterprises can transition from manual conference call management and legacy telephony to this next-generation platform with emerging digital technologies and a VoIP environment to meet the demands of the market, clients and internal team members.

Automated Management of Calls Improves Productivity in Accessing, Monitoring and Recording Calls, and Reduces Operating Expenses

From a single user interface, live calls can be initiated and available for active listening with proper authentication. Users can enter and exit any number of live conference calls undetected. 


All calls and users’ transactions related to accessing and monitoring calls are systematically recorded and properly archived by TeleMonitor for easy retrieval. Big data from high volume of recordings is managed through automated purging and archiving, thus preserving valuable IT resources.

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"OnviSource was the only vendor that listened to what we needed and was willing to customize a solution that works for our specific requirements.  


Deployment was seamless and our users adapted very easily and quickly to TeleMonitor.

TeleMonitor alleviated an entire process for our IT staff, saving us 8-10 IT hours each week.  Our ability to handle calls has increased by 233%"

IT Director, Alternative Healthcare Investment Firm

Highly Cost-Effective and Easily Scaled


TeleMonitor empowers users and administrators to utilize automated features that are highly scalable and cost effective.

  • Automated call management

  • Use of SIP trunking for call streaming and reduced costs

  • Expanded capacity

  • Unrestricted capabilities in accessing and monitoring calls, undetected

  • Secure access to live calls and recordings

  • Low costs of operation


TeleMonitor, as standalone or in combination with other ia.Enterprise™ automation and analytics solutions, addresses challenges faced by other financial markets, contact centers, media outlets, intelligence agencies and law enforcement.

Add-On Analytics 

The option to leverage recorded data by utilizing our multichannel analytics to produce actionable intelligence can further reduce costs and improve productivity, service quality and client experiences.

OnviSource delivers multichannel customer engagement analytics through Intellecta™, intelligently automated analysis and quality assurance for 100% of interactions across multiple channels. Intellecta is part of the ia.Enterprise software solution suite.  This supplemental analytics module can provide transcription, topical categorization, supervised and unsupervised discoveries, sentiment analysis, critical event detection and notification of mentions.