Call Center Software with Solutions for Teleservices and Telephone Answering

on premise or in the cloud

OnviSource offers a variety of call management, customer interaction management and CRM applications, fully integrated with our WFO and analytics, and offered through cloud services or on premise products.

7 Cost-Effective Solutions for Telephone Answering

1. OnviCom Next Generation CRM

OnviCom offers an all-inclusive, all-software teleservice product with a broad range of capabilities such as phone answering, dispatching, multimedia messaging, reports, call recording, operator and quality assurance capabilities.

2. PBX

OnviCom offers an opportunity to have an integrated and fully-featured PBX and Network Interfaces to PRI, T1 and VoIP, including Least Cost Routing to save telecom expenses.

3. Telecom Services

Highly affordable telecom services, including DIDs, 800 numbers, Internet, PRI or T1, and long distance are available.

4. VoIP

Seamlessly transition to VoIP for more features, flexibility and monthly cost savings so you can apply your savings to other critical functions.

5. HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging

hat can also interface with other 3rd party secure messaging providers to both retain your clients and expand your revenues.

6. Disaster Recovery

A partner providing "Disaster Recovery" programs in the event that your site is totally inoperable, so you could upload your data base and route your operators to the partner's system in order to maintain the continuity of your business until you have your own site operational .

7. Financing

A financial partner that can empower you to acquire the above with up to 48 months of extended payment terms and favorable interest rates. Plus, an opportunity to save monthly telecom expenses by transitioning to VoIP, and use the saved money to pay for the monthly extended payment program, resulting in a monthly Net Zero Cash.