Liaa TeleServ ™ Virtual Agent

Digital Transformation for Teleservices  

Intelligently Automated Self-Service Solution for Teleservices, Answering Service, Emergency, Dispatch, Customer Surveys, Customer Notifications & Response Management

TeleServices Challenges


  • Hiring, on-boarding and retaining quality agents

  • Ongoing QA, Compliance and retraining

  • Scheduling to respond to work volume and 24/7 demands

  • Dependable agent attendance and work adherence

Unable to Meet Customer Demands

Unable to offer digital interaction and self-service for new generation customers who embrace self-service but demand personalized interactions.

Payroll Expenses

  • Competitive compensation

  • Ever-demanding salary raises

  • Motivation through high compensation

  • Prohibitive payroll expenses needed for incremental growth

Inability to Grow Rapidly

  • Expensive, complex solutions needed to offer revenue-bearing add-on services

  • High cost of payroll for business expansions

  • Limitation in offering flexible, lower and competitive prices due to high payroll costs needed for incremental growth

Our Solution

Liaa TeleServ is an AI-driven Process Automation offering intelligently automated self-service using customer-friendly touchtone or conversation AI functionality.

Inbound Call

Touchtone or Conversational Interaction with Liaa TeleServ 

Multi-media Messaging Transcription and Linked Audio Recording

Template Studio

Live Agent Monitoring

AI Engine


HIPAA-secure Message Dispatch


What Liaa TeleServ Can Do for Your Business

All-Inclusive Telephone Answering Service via automated and intelligent virtual agents.

Human-like Services that are consistent, dependable, adherent, accurate, fast and available 24/7.

Eliminate Challenges 

and expenses for hiring and on-boarding quality agents, training, retaining, 24/7 scheduling, QA, compliance and work adherence.

Increase Revenues through a large volume of service while eliminating additional payroll expenses.

Expand Business
with costs less than 5% of your live agent payroll expenses.

Offer New, Optional and Automated Self-Service with new competitive price models.

Liaa TeleServ Features

Liaa TeleServ automates the entire process of a live agent.

  • Custom greetings

  • Caller interactions

  • Record interactions in audio and text

  • End-to-end multimedia message handling

  • Standard or HIPAA-compliant messaging

  • Convenient, secure access to audio recordings and text messages

  • Customer-friendly touchtone interactions or Conversational AI driven by Artificial Intelligence

  • Template Generation Studio to design custom interaction templates for each client, customer surveys, notifications and response management

    • Templates operate as workflows and scripts

    • Unlimited number of templates

  • Full range of operational and billing reports

  • Stand-alone solution or seamless upgrade to our OnviCom Teleservices platform


Liaa TeleServ is delivered either as on-premise software or as cloud services.

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Further augment your customer service by offering online

self service powered by AI-driven and Intelligent Virtual Agent.

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