AI-Driven Speech Analytics

for fast, automated analysis of voice data

Speech Analytics software analyzes 100% of call recordings and audio files fast!

Assure quality and compliance for all of your phone interactions and eliminate time-consuming QA processes.

Automation Puts Valuable Intelligence at Your Fingertips


Speech Analytics software mines untapped data from call recordings and audio files to:

  • Identify repeat calls and root causes

  • Monitor compliance and policy adherence

  • Score agent performance / script adherence

  • Measure customer sentiment

  • Understand and mitigate escalations

  • Spot trends and gather intelligence

  • Discover competitive mentions

  • Validate sales and transactions

  • Deliver more targeted training

Speech Analytics Software Features


  • Filters large numbers of audio files, recorded calls and voice mail automatically against user-defined search criteria


  • Automated process categorizes and narrows recording files to only those that require more in-depth analysis by QA personnel

  • Unlimited, user-defined evaluation and analysis templates and score cards


  • Auto-scoring analyzes each call against the QA template and scores the call


  • Multi-lingual analysis available

  • Reusable templates offer an unlimited number of user-defined questions and custom point system assigned with each question​

  • Trend analysis and business intelligence reports

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New Solutions in Customer Engagement

Add-On Options

OnviSource offers the option for transcription of recorded audio files​.


Add Desktop Analytics, Text Analytics and a decision-making engine including:

  • Multichannel and Cross Channel Analytics

  • Multichannel Quality Assurance and Customer Experience Management

  • PCI Compliance

  • Process and Workflow Automation

  • Employee Work Compliance

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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