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Intelligent Transformation Solutions for

Insurance Carriers, Brokers & Agents

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AI, Hyper Analytics and Hyper Automation for
Insurance Providers, Brokers and Agents 

Insurance service providers can leverage OnviSource technologies for their front and back-office functions to enhance CX and customer loyalty, workforce performance and business productivity.

  • Underwriting & Policy Quoting

  • Risk Management

  • Customer Service

  • Claims Processing & Leakage Avoidance

  • Standardized Processing

  • Property & Casualty Insurance Processing

  • Data Accuracy and Reliability

  • Bridging Legacy and New Systems

  • Business On-Boarding & Cancellations

Considering the enormous volume of interactions insurance companies process daily, our AI-driven Hyper Analytics and Hyper Automation building block applications are highly effective in assuring accurate, efficient processes and client-friendly services.
Underwriting & Policy Quoting

Analytics can assess vast amounts of data to identify risk factors accurately.


Automation can streamline the process by quickly generating quotes based on predetermined criteria, reducing manual efforts and time.

Risk Management

Analytics provide insights into emerging risks and trends, allowing carriers to proactively adjust strategies.


Automation can assist in monitoring risk exposure and issuing alerts for potential threats.

Customer Service

Automation-driven chatbots can offer instant responses to common queries, enhancing customer service availability.


Analytics can help identify patterns in customer interactions to optimize service quality.

Claims Processing & Leakage Avoidance

Analytics can flag potentially fraudulent claims by detecting unusual patterns.


Automation can expedite claims processing, minimizing delays and reducing the likelihood of leakage.

Standardized Processing

Automation ensures consistent processes by following predefined rules and workflows, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

P&C Insurance Processing

Analytics can assess property value, location-based risks, and historical data to determine accurate premiums.


Automation can simplify policy issuance and renewals.

Data Accuracy & Reliability

Analytics can validate data integrity and accuracy.


Automation tools can perform data cleansing, ensuring reliable information for decision-making.

Bridging Legacy & New Systems

Automation aids in migrating data from legacy systems to new platforms, ensuring a smooth transition while minimizing disruptions.

On-Boarding & Cancellations

Automation can guide clients through the onboarding process, ensuring all necessary information is collected. Similarly, for cancellations, automated processes can help streamline the procedure while adhering to regulatory requirements.

A strategic integration of analytics and automation empowers insurance carriers, brokers and agents to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and mitigate risks effectively.


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