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Intelligent Transformation Solutions for

Energy, Public Utilities and Rural Cooperatives

Power Pole Repair

AI, Hyper Analytics and Hyper Automation for
Automated Notifications, Alerts & Response Management

Energy companies, public utilities and rural co-ops can leverage OnviSource technologies to improve CX and customer satisfaction.

  • Notification, Alerts & Response Management

  • CX Management & Insights

  • Customer Surveys & Feedback

  • Employee Interaction Performance Improvement

  • Intelligent Call Routing

  • Self-Service using Intelligent Virtual Agents

Considering customer demands for better services and the critical nature of  energy and utility communications, our AI-driven Hyper Analytics and Hyper Automation building block applications are highly effective in delivering exceptional CX.
Automated Notification, Alert & Response Management

Automated Communications

An automated notification solution can send out alerts such as service disruptions, billing information, energy-saving tips and more.


Additionally, personalized automated responses can address common customer inquiries, freeing up human resources for more complex interactions.

Personalized Communication

Automation can facilitate personalized interactions with customers by sending out timely updates about outages, maintenance schedules, and billing information. This proactive communication keeps customers informed and reduces uncertainty, leading to greater satisfaction and trust.

CX Management & Insights

CSAT Insights

Analytics can analyze customer data to understand preferences, behavior, and needs. These insights allow front-office teams to tailor their communication and services more effectively, enhancing customer satisfaction.

CX & Customer Journey Insights

Analyzing customer interactions before, during, and after service, can discover valuable insights into customer experiences as well as the performance of all agents, employees, and systems engaged throughout the customer journey.

Customer Surveys & Feedback

Automated surveys can solicit direct feedback that can be analyzed along with your data from all other customer touchpoints (calls, email, chat) to deliver insights regarding employee performance and customers’ preferences, behavior, and needs so teams can communicate more effectively, provide efficient experiences, and make data-driven decisions with a positive impact.

Automation can trigger follow-up actions based on this feedback, showcasing the utility's responsiveness to customer concerns.

Employee Interaction Performance Improvement

Analytics identifies areas where employees excel and where improvement is needed, providing conclusive guidance for targeted coaching and training.

Performance Trends

Analytics can track employee performance trends over time, helping managers identify ongoing improvement opportunities or recognition for consistently high performers.

Intelligent Call Routing

Personalized Routing

Analytics informs call routing actions based on data and key performance indicators critical for evaluating the performance of centers and their ability to process service requests, thus avoiding frustrating transfers or extended wait times, and ensuring customers reach the most suitable agent as quickly as possible.

Automated Call Handling

Automation executes the routing of calls based on AI decision-making engines.

Self-Service using Intelligent Virtual Agents

Automated Customer Support

Utilize intelligent virtual agents to handle routine inquiries, leveraging natural language processing and automation for efficient self-service.

Analytics-Enhanced Virtual Agents

Continuously improve virtual agents using interaction analytics to enhance their responses and capabilities.

With automated notification and response management, utilities and cooperatives can improve CX, customer satisfaction, reduce response times, and enhance overall efficiency.

Analytics and automation solutions enable more effective communication with customers by delivering insights and personalized information and services leading to better customer relationships.


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