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Intelligent Transformation Solutions for

BPOs & Enterprise Contact Centers

Female Call Center Agent

AI, Hyper Analytics and Hyper Automation for Business Process Outsourcers and Enterprise Contact Centers

Inbound and outbound BPOs and contact centers can leverage OnviSource technologies to enhance agent performance, CX/customer satisfaction, and business productivity before, during and after service.

  • Quality Assurance & Compliance Management

  • Customer Surveys & Satisfaction

  • Contact Center Processes

  • Agent Interaction Performance Improvement

  • Agent Transaction Performance Improvement

  • Intelligent Call Routing

  • Self-Service using Intelligent Virtual Agents

Considering the enormous volume of interactions most BPOs and contact centers complete daily, our AI-driven Hyper Analytics and Hyper Automation building block applications are highly effective in resolving contact center challenges.
Quality Assurance & Compliance Management

Interaction Monitoring: Analytics can analyze agent-customer conversations for compliance with regulatory guidelines and company policies.

Automated Alerts: Automated alerts based on predefined keywords or phrases might indicate compliance risks, ensuring prompt intervention if necessary.

Performance Evaluation: Combined analytics insights with automated scoring systems assess agent interactions against predefined quality benchmarks.

Customer Surveys & Satisfaction

VoC & Sentiment Analysis: Analytics can gauge customer sentiment from conversations, supplementing traditional survey feedback.

Automated Follow-Up: Automate follow-up actions based on survey results, such as targeted service recovery for dissatisfied customers.

Contact Center Processes

Process Analysis: Analytics can identify bottlenecks and pain points in customer processes, facilitating continuous improvement efforts.

Process Automation: Automation can streamline processes identified through analytics, reducing manual intervention and errors.

Agent Interaction Performance Improvement

Analytics: Analytics identifies areas where agents excel and where improvement is needed, providing conclusive guidance for targeted coaching and training.

Performance Trends: Analytics can track long-term agent performance trends, helping managers identify ongoing improvement opportunities.

Transaction Performance Improvement

Process Optimization: Analytics identifies process inefficiencies or errors during agent-customer transactions, enabling refinements for smoother interactions.


Automated Workflow Suggestions: Integrated automation can suggest optimized transaction workflows to agents based on analytics insights for faster service delivery and completion.

Intelligent Call Routing

Personalized Routing: Analytics informs call routing actions based on data and key performance indicators critical for evaluating the performance of centers and their ability to process service requests, thus avoiding frustrating transfers or extended wait times, and ensuring customers reach the most suitable agent as quickly as possible.

Automated Call Handling: Automation executes the routing of calls based on AI decision-making engines.

Self-Service using Intelligent Virtual Agents

Automated Customer Support: Utilize intelligent virtual agents to handle routine inquiries, leveraging natural language processing and automation for efficient self-service.

Analytics-Enhanced Virtual Agents: Continuously improve virtual agents using interaction analytics to enhance their responses and capabilities.

By integrating interaction analytics and automation across these facets of contact center operations, businesses can achieve higher efficiency, improved CX and customer satisfaction, and more effective agent performance, contributing to their overall success.


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