Partnership in Action

The OnviSource Equipment Owners Association is an association for business owners and operators of OnviSource systems and solutions.

The OEO is the conduit to communicate the industry news, OnviSource product updates and announcements, as well as upcoming products and solutions through various webinars, interviews, educational materials and meetings distributed and made available exclusively for the membership.

The OEO Association is the only TAS user group where the host vendor, OnviSource, provides significant discounts for the members, resulting in a huge investment from OnviSource.

The OEO was formed in 2008, forming a historic venture to join with OnviSource to form a new entity unique to the Telephone Answering Services industry.  Code of Ethics

OEO Committees

Technical Committee
Works closely with OnviSource engineering to provide feedback regarding products, enhancements, and new feature requests.

Education Committee
Develops live and online events periodically to ensure ongoing training and education around topics of interest to the membership.

audience at a live conference
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Annual Meetings

The Association holds annual face to face meetings to engage OEO members directly with each other and OnviSource executives. Exclusive training, best practices and fun social events are facilitated to establish long standing and trustworthy relationships with fellow peers in the industry.

The OEO Association is governed by a board of directors made up of both OEO members and OnviSource personnel.

  • James Galvin, President

  • Shari Rosen, Treasurer

  • Mike Petretta, Secretary

  • Francisca Crous-Alegria, Director

  • Kim Pippin, Director

  • Lisa Hill, Director

2022-2023 Board of Directors