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The Socially-Enabled Contact Center

OnviSocial™ is a Managed Service Program that captures social media information for capture, analysis and improvement specifically designed for contact center environments.  Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and many others, are service channels that allow conversations and information sharing to take place in a public venue.  Social media sites give users a certain amount of power to foment change especially when consumers are disgruntled.  OnviSocial turns your call center into a “Socially Enabled” contact center to proactively and reactively handle public, social media comments and remarks about your business, products and services.

Most companies are still struggling to understand how to use social media outlets and a correct balance in their social interactions.  On the plus side, social networks offer a huge opportunity for companies to extend their brands in a positive light by joining social conversations in a respectful, permission-based, and most importantly, transparent manner.  Another benefit is the ability to leverage social media to identify any potential issues and begin corrective action before they turn into a crisis.  Using the right tools for listening and monitoring online events, you can identify and categorize potential service and other issues.

OnviSocial gives you the ability to have insight into social comments that will help you to understand consumer intentions.  OnviSocial lets you take these social issues into your customer service system and help you quickly prioritize and act responding through the same social channels for prompt problem resolution.

How does OnviSocial work? 

  • Posted social remarks and comments discovered and collected by OnviSource.
  • Social posts integrated into OnviSource's Unified and Automated Data Technology.
  • Profiles created based on customer sentiments.
  • Profiles can be made available for contact center agents.
  • Agents can engage proactively contacting customer, or via social media engagement.
  • When call arrives agent is presented with info and engages reactively.
  • Customer is satisfied and remains loyal; retained customer, maintained reputation, enhanced brand, upsell opportunities.

Simply maintaining active streams of informative content on social networks doesn’t translate to the ability to provide social customer service and the active follow-up and response to customers’ questions and concerns.  In many ways, it’s the difference between owning a telephone and answering it when it rings.

OnviSocial is part of the OnviCenter 7 Suite and supplies the missing link.  By listening and capturing public sentiment and identifying customers at a point of need, OnviSocial can dramatically reduce overall costs and improve customer satisfaction and turn your call center into a “Socially Enabled” contact center.


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