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Speech Analytics Based Quality Assurance

Enterprises and contact centers typically employ dedicated personnel to listen to each recorded customer call, or a sample of those calls, and manually search for key words and phrases that pin-point specific actionable intelligence that can be used to manage the critical challenges. These manual tasks require a large number of personnel engaged in extensive, laborious and time-consuming processes. The manual analysis and evaluation of 100% of all customer interactions may not be possible. The answer is not adding more personnel but an automated analytics-based software solution offering:

  • Automation of speech analytics to detect only recordings that require review
  • User defined rules-based searches

Explora™ is a new approach to understanding your customer interactions utilizing automated, analytics-based Quality Assurance Software Solutions.  Conversations, words, phrases, screen data and other pieces of information from customer interactions can be:

  • Extracted, organized and used to score and evaluate agents
  • Speech analytics help assure compliance; detect possible liabilities and improve productivity
  • Create effective and focused training programs
  • Identify sales and marketing opportunities
  • Discover business intelligence

Speech & Desktop Analytics-Based Quality Assurance Process

Explora is part of the OnviCenter 7 Suite, a comprehensive, yet easy to implement and use, unified solution for delivering advanced Workforce Optimization, Workflow Automation and Workforce Management for contact centers and back office functions. It delivers automated mass monitoring and analysis of recorded interactions.

Speech Analytics Based Quality Assurance
Features Benefits
  • Filters large numbers of recorded calls or data files automatically according to user-defined search subjects
  • Reduce QA workload to a more manageable task, deliver the evaluation of 100% of all calls
  • Automated process categorizes and narrows recorded calls to only those that require more in-depth analysis by QA personnel
  • Accessible scores for each individual call, transaction or agent, as well as in-depth reports for actionable intelligence
  • Based upon the speech analytics and search results, auto score the QA templates
  • Empowerment to analyze every call and every piece of data
  • Create unlimited user-defined evaluation and analysis templates and scoring cards
  • Supervisors can listen to audio and watch video of an agent's screen recordings
  • Reusable templates can contain an unlimited number of user-defined questions and a customizable point system assigned with each question
  • Generate detailed reports and dashboards created from the analysis; deliver a complete set of actionable knowledge
  • Easy to locate target calls, conduct evaluations, score agent performance and discover other actionable knowledge
  • Effectively manage your operational and financial challenges; personnel costs and time savings


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