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Voice of Customer and Multichannel Analytics

Excella Analytics™ is a powerful software solution that enables enterprises of all sizes to listen to the “voice of the customer” through every touch point and on every customer interaction. 

Analytics of all kinds, along with Quality Assurance and customer surveys have emerged as critical tools for gathering valuable customer feedback.  With the rise of social media over the last several years, listening to the voice of the customer has never been more important.​  In fact analysts are predicting that within five years the number of relevant social media interactions will be equal to the number of phone interactions, with 70%-80% of them being service-oriented and requiring immediate attention.  Taking action on that data will become critical, and your business will require an automated solution to identify, understand the interaction, and make important decisions on handling the interaction.

multichannel analyticsExcella Analytics, a part of the OnviCenter 7 back office suite of solutions, can help you optimize, and automate all of your enterprise-wide customer touch points and interactions by enabling lower cost reductions through fewer employees that are required to support front office contact center agents.

Excella Analytics – Voice of Customer and Multi-Channel Analytics is a bundled solution and includes all of the components you need for mapping the customer journey through your enterprise.  The entire lifecycle of customer transactions linking and automating the process of performing workforce optimization (WFO) applications. Excella Analytics enables you to define critical information you need from your WFO systems, and then automatically, and in real time capture, store and develop a holistic view of your customer’s transactions.

The Excella Analytics Bundled Solution

  • Speech Analytics - providing insights into the reasons why people call.
  • Desktop Analytics – providing visibility into everything employees do at their workstations.
  • Customer Survey – provides customer sentiment and what they think about your products and services by recording, analyzing and creating actionable intelligence.
  • Social Media Analytics – providing the ability to identify posted social remarks and comments in order to reactively or proactively react - ensuring your customer’s are satisfied and remain; enables you to retain customers, maintain your reputation, enhance your brand, and offer upsell opportunities.

Optional Modules

  • Workforce Management – Front and back office staff forecasting, scheduling and capabilities such as multichannel analysis, schedule adherence and performance, exception reports, employee web-based portal, and much more.
  • Excerpta – Text analytics, improves the accuracy of speech analytics and adds analytics for text, email, structured and unstructured documents and social media content.
  • Operation Continuity - Back-up, replication, recovery, redundancy, load balancing with data-media management, security, user administration, local and remote location support from a centralized console.


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