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Teleservices and Telephone Answering Services

contact center agentsLet your patients, clients and customers know that you value their patronage and business by greeting them with a live, knowledgeable agent who is ready to assist them any time they contact your organization.  OnviSource offers the answering services and products you need to perform a variety of inbound telephone answering services through OnviCall TeleServ™, and the new OnviCom™, the next-generation, software-only and all inclusive teleservices solution. Both are part of the OnviCenter 7 Suite of software solutions for the call center and enterprise.

OnviSource products are favored by many telephone answering services because of proven reliability, affordability and ease of use.

  • Inbound telephone answering services
  • Teleservices
  • Emergency and medical services
  • Help desk, customer service

Reach a broader spectrum of customers across all industries and niche markets.

  • Deliver diversified services that attract new clients and generate new revenues
  • Improve productivity and reduce costly errors; remain competitive
  • Drive sales, marketing and service initiatives based on actionable intelligence
  • Capture, archive and analyze voice and video associated with every interaction
  • Ensure compliance, improve first call resolution and meet service level requirements
  • Train and coach agents using feedback from multiple data sources
  • Avoid down time and free up IT/telecom administrators to focus on more critical tasks
  • Monitor and measure your answering service’s performance and customer satisfaction
  • Satisfy compliance and customer requirements
  • Ensure continuous, reliable operation

Enabling Universal Answering Services

Your local and remote agents can efficiently answer phones and dispatch messages through various methods of delivery.  TeleServ populates call queues, account information, customizable answer phrases, message taking, websites and more, making it easy for your agents to access and view all the information needed to handle calls quickly and professionally.

Client Access to Self-Service Functions

OnviCall TeleServ enables clients' access to their messages and recordings of interactions with their customers. Your clients can update their own account information and on-call schedules as needed, saving your center time and providing clients with 24/7 convenience.

Add-on Options, When You Need Them

Functional Requirements OnviSource Solution
  • Capture, monitor and evaluate voice and data activity associated with every type of customer interaction
  • Record screen activity of hundreds of workstations simultaneously
  • View exactly how agents navigate applications and complex workflows
  • Analyze every single call - extracting and delivering actionable intelligence to effectively manage challenges
  • Communicate with your clients and deliver messages via their preferred method of contact
  • OnviCall Portica offers a variety of options for clients to receive their messages such as pager, email, cell phone, home or office phone and fax.
  • Empowerment to analyze every call and every piece of data
  • Deliver a complete set of actionable knowledge


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