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Operation Management

OnVision™ is an Integrated and Automated Operational and Transactional Unification solution for a complete, unified view of your operation and your customer’s journey through your business application systems.  OnVision gives you a single access point to display captured and unified operational data or customer information from one site or many locations. This includes a consolidated view of enterprises with multiple PBX/ACD configurations.  You can combine and unify all of your enterprise data into an easy to view data report or data inquiry.  No longer will your staff be forced to waste time on laborious manual data retrieval methods.  Simplify the task of data retrieval from transactions that happened seconds ago, or if archived, years ago.

OnVision is part of the OnviCenter 7 Suite, a comprehensive, yet easy to implement and use, unified set of solutions for delivering advanced Workforce Optimization, Workflow Automation and Workforce Management for contact centers and back office functions.  OnviCenter 7 solutions are highly affordable for businesses of all sizes. Products and solutions are available as software license purchases, cloud services or managed services.

OnVision automatically captures, associates, and unifies pertinent events and data to the entire lifecycle of a transaction. Enterprises and call centers commonly utilize multiple platforms and applications to process their transactions and perform their functions. They may have multiple geographically dispersed locations and call centers; or they may have outsourced their call centers to multiple vendors in various locations.

  • OnVision - Transacta™ is a Transaction Unification solution that enables combined information from separate and discrete platforms into a single access point to view the data; unifying and associating any customer transaction, event or data received and processed by various platforms and applications within an enterprise, such as telecom platforms, Workforce Optimization software, and CRM/ERP applications.
  • OnVision - Universa™ is an Operational Unification solution that takes the complexity out of managing your critical data.  Universa gives you the flexibility to effectively monitor and manage operational notifications, alerts and applications when thresholds and logics are reached and activated. Centralizing the presentation, and normalizing the data and information regardless of the type of the platform significantly reduces the time, effort, workload, training, costs, delays and human errors. 
  • Ensurais an Operations Continuity solution designed to help you address today’s complex IT environments and requirements while unifying and protecting your information and investment in OnviCenter 7 solutions.  Ensura is more than a data backup system.  It is a back-up, replication, recovery, redundancy, and load balancing solution with security, user administration, local and remote location support all from a centralized console.


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