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Operations Continuity

Remote AdministrationEnsura™ is an operations continuity solution designed to help you address today’s complex IT environments and requirements while unifying and protecting your information and investment in OnviCenter 7 solutions.

Ensura is more than a data backup system.  It is a continuous protective line of defense for disaster recovery from the catastrophic loss of irreplaceable data, specifically designed to support OnviCenter 7 Suite products. It “ensures” valuable data is never compromised by power or system outages, or any other downtime beyond your control.  You never think losing your files will happen to you until it actually does, and you're caught without a back-up or replicated data. Ensura makes it extremely cost-effective and easy to administer, so there's no reason not to be prepared. 

  • Back-up, replication, recovery, redundancy, load balancing.
  • Data-media management through Copy, Archive, Purge, Data Portals, and Remote Access Software updates and administration functions - with­out costly processes or adverse impacts to operation continuity.
  • Security, user administration, local and remote location support from a centralized console.

Ensura also helps to avoid adding more IT personnel and additional expenses. Deploying a comprehensive set of automated and fully integrated software applications can provide direct solutions to your IT challenges.


  • Provides near real time, or scheduled archive and/or copy of Audio and/or Video media files in the OnviForce PRO systems to a customer’s NAS/SAN.
  • Monitors the space available on the target drive and sends an alert based on customer defined custom thresholds.
    Reduces IT workload and expenses, maintains operation continuity, protects data, and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Customer-defined run times.

Ensura enables you to replicate your data at any time, eliminating wait times for typical service schedules such as 8-5, Monday-Friday.  Ensura even allows a back-up of the replication database - in case your replication database is ever corrupted or down you still maintain a recovery back-up to rebuild your replication.  With one click you can check your replication status and purge even larger amounts of data - minimizing the time it takes to rebuild your replication.

Learn how your staff can use Ensura operations management capabilities providing easy to use, automated and reliable performance for your mission critical operations. 


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