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Customer Experience Management

OnVision™ is a fully integrated and advanced system of omnichannel capture and analytics, feeding our unique cross-channel analytics and leveraging our OnviCenter Suite of workforce optimization (WFO) products. First, our omnichannel capture products, record and organize 100% of the contents related to all customer touch points and channels - including calls, desktop screens and transactions, email, chat, texts, customer surveys, and social media. The end result is the production of large amounts of big data for each customer experience and interaction.

OnVision pioneers the transition of today's contact centers to "customer engagement centers" using omnichannel capture and analytics transforming big data captured from customer interactions on all channels, followed by "cross-channel analytics", analyzing data across all channels, presenting a universal view of customer experience actionable knowledge, trends and actions.

Secondly, our omnichannel analytics automatically analyzes the captured data from each channel, and generates channel-dependent actionable knowledge and trends for each channel. Finally, our cross-channel analytics utilizes the channel-dependent actionable knowledge, and perform analytics across all channels and presents channel-agnostic, universal and holistic views of actionable knowledge and trends. Such core intelligence is the kernel to all of our solutions, enabling them to directly contribute to enterprise-wide optimization, automation and unification of the workforce, transactions and processes.

If you consider what a multi-path experience in an omnichannel environment really looks like it is easier to understand the rapid evolution of omnichannel. For example, a customer might start product purchase research on a computer screen, then go to a retail outlet, check inventory on a mobile device, and finally order online or via telephone. Today's savvy buyers engage in many unique buying behavior patterns. OnVision can capture and analyze customer buying habits, and trends from start to finish and contribute to an enhanced customer experience.

OnVision omnichannel and cross-channel analytics can greatly assist managing the big data. OnVision automatically analyzes the captured data from each channel and produces channel-dependent actionable knowledge. This is followed by OnVision's cross-channel analytics delivering channel-agnostic, unified, and cohesive actionable knowledge and trends across all channels.

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