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Intelligence and Automation in Customer Sentiment Discovery and Feedback

Capture all, analyze all, and improve all

You have done your best to route, interact and process your customer service request. Now, what is the bottom line experience of your customer throughout the journey, what can you learn, and how can it help you improve?

In order to complete the initiatives of your Customer Experience Management you need to have an “outside-in” view of your performance; a view of your customers regarding their experience with respect to their customer service journey with your enterprise.

A multichannel, intelligent and automated solution can provide that bottom-line experience to your customer.

Customer SentimentSurveys - Offering survey solutions that are integrated with Workforce Optimization solutions and can be accessed by customers after each interaction, through email links or by transferring to a third party – whichever can work best to capture valuable customer input.

Multichannel Capture - Capturing 100% of your customer multimedia interactions, surveys and social media content will create a meaningful base of information that can contain a variety of customer sentiments and what they really experienced.

Multichannel Analytics and Extracting Actionable Knowledge - Multichannel analytics uses the captured information base and provides a holistic view of your customer experience by extracting intelligence and providing actionable knowledge and insight valuable to improving your overall customer service.


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