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Intelligence and Automation in Customer Service Routing and Omnichannel Service

Start with routing the customer service request to the right centers, right organizations and the right agents without having the customer repeat information.

No matter how excellent your agent's interactions are with your customers, you have already created a negative customer experience if your customers had to wait in a queue for a long time, was routed/re-routed to the wrong organizations, or had to repeat information at every touch-point.

Customer Experience Management is not adequately addressed unless intelligent and automated Customer Service Routing and Omnichannel Experience is included.

Optimal Routing - Automatically capturing, unifying, and analyzing in real time the data related to the performance and the status of centers, organizations, agents and systems engaged in providing services to customers, determining the most optimal center, organizations and agents to fulfill the customer request.

Service RoutingAnalytics-Driven, Adaptive, Intelligent and Real-Time Routing - Our solution automatically captures and unifies user-defined critical data from their systems, centers and organizations. The collected data is analyzed based on the user-defined rules. The rules can also be automatically modified over time using our trend analysis. The results of the analysis is further processed by our Adaptive Learning Decision-Making Engine, determining the next action and launching the action related to routing/re-routing of customer service requests.

Omnichannel Customer Service and Information Sharing - Making all data related to customer service requests available to every customer touch-point in order to create an omnichannel customer experience environment, and to prevent customers having to repeat the information.


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