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Intelligence and Automation in Customer Transaction Management and Process Automation

Processing large volumes of customer service requests and transactions in both contact centers and back offices, efficiently, cost effectively, and with no mistakes

Let our intelligent Robotic Process Automation solution process your large volume of laborious and repetitive transactions, with no mistakes, requiring no training, and extremely fast.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - The Robotic Process Automation combined with process and workflow automation can process large workloads and transactions rapidly and without human mistakes; while significantly reducing the expenses, delays and losses in revenues. Avoid mistakes and significantly increase productivity.

Process AutomationAutomated and Rule-Based Discovery, Read, Locating the Destination, and Write - Many transactions performed by employees and agents are based on reviewing multiple screens to locate the source of the information, extracting the information, finding the destination and depositing the information; using human judgment in deciding how the information should be disseminated. This manual process is prone to human mistakes, fatigue, slow processing, etc. RPA can be configured with rules, types of information and sources and destinations to intelligently automate the entire process.

Clear ROI - The ROI is obvious. You replace 8 hours of daily work of an employee processing a massive workload of repetitive tasks with a few minutes of RPA solution - processing the same tasks with no mistakes and no training.


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