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Intelligence and Automation in Customer Interaction Management and Workforce Optimization-Management

Offering multimedia customer interactions that result in full compliance, fulfillment in the first interaction, and a positive customer experience

Excellent customer interaction, a core and critical aspect of Customer Experience Management, requires a broad range of intelligence and automation solutions that are fully unified, can capture and analyze all interactions from all channels to improve the interactions, automate the agent’s workflow and transaction, and optimize the workforce schedules for best performance.

Intelligent and Automated Workforce Optimization - Automated capturing and analyzing of 100% of customer interactions (including calls, desktop transactions, emails, chats, surveys and social media mentions), extracting intelligence, performing QA and training, identifying problems and opportunities, discovering trends, assuring compliance, and obtaining actionable knowledge and insights - in order to improve the performance of your call centers, back offices, marketing, compliance and business management.

Customer Interaction ManagementAutomate Quality Assurance and Compliance Management - No more sampling. Automatically record and conduct QA and compliance management for 100% of all interactions from all channels including calls, emails, chat, social media and desktop transactions. Discover your customer sentiment and effectively manage your customer experience.

Automated Improvement of Your First Call Resolution - Automatically and intelligently discover “repeat calls” caused by issues with your agents, processes, or products. Implement corrective actions to reduce your repeat calls and payroll expenses, while increasing your customer satisfaction.

Workflow Automation - Real time automation of workflows, processes, next-best-actions, compliance notifications, pop-ups and e-coaching. This will assist your agents to deliver competency, confidence, productivity and efficiency while interacting with customers - resulting in fulfillment in the first call and with the best positive customer experience. No more mistakes, wasted time, lengthy training, non-compliance, or unproductivity. In real time and automatically, guide your employees through every step of their workflow sequences, transactions, next-best-actions, reminders.

Social Media Management - Integrating social media into your contact center, operating similar to all other channels. The social media mentions can be monitored, captured, analyzed and the results can be utilized to proactively or reactively manage the social media trends and mentions. Your agents responsible for social media channels can be monitored and trained through QA processes similar to all other channels.

Next Generation and Cost Effective Workforce Management (WFM) - Fulfill the entire workload with the best skills, on-time delivery, and with no excess payroll expenses. Automate the scheduling of your workforce in contact centers and back offices to fulfill the workload with the right skills, while managing unexpected adherence changes and optimizing for payroll expenses. Transition to next generation and cost effective Workforce Management, Scheduling and Adherence for your contact center and back office workforce. A Community-based and collaborative WFM with a broad range of capabilities such as intra-day change management, multi-tiered portals, mobility, and performance management.


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